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Jolan'tru Romulans!

Just a quick SITREP on what fleet events we have
going on this weekend. 

First up is another installment of our Live RP Chat
Session that takes place right here on the RSE 

Simply logon at 7PM EST, Friday (21 Nov) and 
join in on the fun! 

Also we are embarking on our first RP-Foundry 
mission called 'Operation Green Phantom'

As most of you know this mission was created by
Commander Nibo and our in-house production 
team. They worked hard to build an environment 
which will hopefully bridge the gap between RP
a live STO combat. 

Please meet up in-game at 6PM EST, Saturday 
(22 Nov) to support this awesome mission!

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO
Livintius A Well I'm glad to see that your were able to get the mission started/completed You might be correct; doing RP in STO co ...
Nibo Ok, we did the mission with me, Civil, Dhiemm, and Mugatu. It was basically a test run more than an RP mission. I've m ...
Jolan'tru Romulans! 

Once again this is an all-call for any Romulan Captains who are brave enough (or rather, available) to support the Top Secret RSE mission, codenamed 'Operation Green Phantom'.

Unclassified Details:
Date-22November 2014 (Saturday)
Time-6pm EST (1.5hr duration)
Location-K'Shan System (Iota Pavonis Sector Block)
Event-Live STO RP; please not that you don't have to RP if not up to or its not your thing. This event is intended to bridge the gap between RP stories and actual STO gameplay so just showing up as your in-game character is half the battle. 

Classified details can be accessed on the RIP-Net (Romulan Information Protection Network) by clicking on the image below and providing your security access codes (website login). If you have any questions about this event please leave a comment or message Commander Nibo and myself. 

(click image)
Please come out and Support this event; it will count towards Fleet Promotions! 

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO
Shadow Sorry, can't make it today. Still setting up the new machine...
Shadow The new Mac mini comes with OS X Yosemite as a standard. I hope it will work...
Livintius A I have heard some issue with Yosemite as well....but unless you order it straight from apple theres a chance it still ha ...
Jolan'tru Romulans!

As some of you know we have about 2 dozen recorded videos of IRF personnel engaged in various actions all across Quadrant loaded onto to our YouTube site. But wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier way for me to check out how awesome we are without having to leave RSE website? Well, now there is. 

Introducing the RSE Video Archive (Link found to the left)! 

The Archive will allow you quick access to all of our currently uploaded videos, which include: Romulus Season 1, Romulus Season 2 and REG Fleet Actions. 

Please take a few minutes, pop-up some popcorn and enjoy the vides! Leave comments below if you have any suggestions for more vids. 

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO
Nibo Great! Thanks for putting the videos on the site.
Jolan'tru Romulans!

Just a quick reminder about the two events going on this weekend inside the RSE. 

First up is another edition of Feng's Space Bar RP which takes place right here in the RP chat rooms. Tonights session starts at 7pm EST so please come out if your interested in getting into character and chatting it up with fellow RPers. :)

We also have a new REG Fleet action going on tomorrow that will be taking place at two different times. Omega 1 will run at 11am EST; and Omega 2 will run at 6pm EST. Please check the forums for full sign up details.

Keep up the great work and I hope to see you all out there this weekend! 
Fleet XO
Jolan'tru Romulans!

Due to the recent issues with Cryptics servers and their erratic mission availability, we have decided to make the Live STO Mission 'Operation Green Phantom' entirely in the Foundry. 

Commander Nibo will be working hard over the next few weeks to bring us a unique experience that will span over 6 locations and include intense dialogue, action, ambushes and much more. 

We are pushing this event back by two weeks and it will now be held on 22 November, 2014 @ 6pm EST. The reasons for the delay vary, but boil down to production time and story development. 

More information on this event will be re-released as we get closer to launch date!

An R.E.G. Fleet Action will be scheduled for 15 November, 2014 to fill in the open time slot. Please keep your eyes open for the sign up roster that will be posted soon in the forums. 

Keep up the great work, and sorry about the change of plans!
Fleet XO
Nibo I started a thread in the Foundry section of the RP forums, Tr'ailliau. We can discuss the ideas there. I'll also post ...
Nibo Sure, we should talk about it soon. Have you used our teamspeak server yet?
Tr'ailliau If you need help writing Dialog i'm an amateur Writer and id be happy to help with the script. All I need is a flow char ...
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