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Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans! We have another event packed weekend here at the RSE!

As the excitment around the Delta Recurits hasa begun to subside, we will be returning to normal operaions this weekend. 

This Fleet Action will revolve around the completetion of Fleet Projects (FED and KDF), the aquisition of fleet provisions and dilithium grinding.

Be sure to join the discussion by logging into teamspeak for these evenst!

Team Omega 1 - Saturday 2:00PM EST
Team Omega 2 - Saturday 9:00PM EST

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO

Jolan'tru Fellow Romulans!

As most of you know, we are about to kick off our very first 'RSE Shopping Network' page; from this area all RSE perosnnel will be able to purchase STO in-game items, ships and much more. 

So, in an effort to help raise money so we can fill our stockpile of items, I have decided to do a 50/50 raffle! Here are some details on this project:

'How long is this fundraiser going on for?' 1 Week from today; after that we will pick a winner and launch the RSE shopping network. 

'Who can donate?' All RSE personnel!

'How can I buy tickets and is there a limit to how many I can purchase?' You purchase tickets by commenting on THIS article with the amount you want and then dropping the purchase price into the paypal account (bottom right corner of the homepage)

'Where can I place my request for tickets?' Again, place your request for tickets in this article so we can track how many each person is getting. After you make a purchase request a message will be sent to you with your ticket numbers for you to track. 

'What is a 50/50 Raffle and how does it work?' Each memeber can purchase a raffle ticket for $1.00USD; then, after a 1 week period, I will put all purchased raffle tickets into a bucket and select a winner.

'What do I win?' Half. That's right, half of whatever money is rasied will be either electronically or phyiscally sent to you. So the more tickets you all buy, the higher the chance you have of winning a larger sum of money. 

'Why are you doing this? Why not just launch the RSE shopping network now?' Two reason; one is to help raise money for a our fleet treasurey, and two, its to ensure everyone has access to the paypal account prior to launching the shopping network. 

Again, please put your purchase request in the comments of THIS article and then transfer the appropriate amount of funds into the paypal account. 

Example: 'I want 30 tickets.' *Logs into Paypal and electronically sends $30.00USD to the RSE Paypal account*

Please note: if you experiance any issues with the paypal account please send me a message and well get it sorted out. Thanks!

Good luck to everyone!
Fleet Admiral

Nibo A I want 30 tickets.
Livintius A I'm starting this of with me purchasing 30 tickets! (dont worry about integrity, my wife will be the one handling the ti ...
Livintius A Post here to get in on this 50/50 raffle! The more tickets you buy, the higher the chances of you winning a big prize!

New Imperial Commandant!

Livintius A posted Sat at 0:54

Jolan'tru fellow Romulans!

Please join me in welcoming our newest Imperial Commandant, Xpictianoc!

Answering to the call signs 'dejong' and 'Christian', our newest Imperial Commandant is a vertern STO player who recently returned to the game following the release of Delta Rising. Looking to get more involved with fleet activies, he voulnteered to be the 'face' of the IRF for all new incoming perosonnel. 

His duties and responibilties include:
-Application Reviews/Approval
-Roster Managment
-Newcomer Orientation 
-Q&A for new perosnnel

If you see him online or in teamspeak please wish him luck and congratualtions on the new position. 

Keep up the great work everyone!

Fleet XO

Mugatu Congrats
Civilpepper Congrats
Xpictianoc A Thank you!
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