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Jolan'tru Romulans!

Week 2 of the Master Crew build has finished and our gallant ship is beginning to take shape. 

Our roster currently consists of the EMH (Doctor), Ensign Sulu (Helmsman), Worf (Tactical/Security), and Scotty (Engineer).

This weeks poll will help us pick up the best first officer and science officer! Keep up the votes and together we will build either the best, or worst, crew in Star Trek History!

RSE Proconsul 

Jolan'tru Romulans!

The 2015 Summer Event is just around the corner and Cryptic has already started to push out details of this years events/prizes!

First up, new rewards this year include Risian Print Shirts (new costume look) and an all new Ferengi Nandi Warship...I couldnt find any information on this ship so not sure what its going to look like or the specs on it. Hopefully more to follow. 

Now to the two most important parts of the blog post:

And once you've earned the Ferengi Nandi Warship, the Risians will give you a significant discount if you want another one! (Any character on your account can claim the Ferengi Nandi Warship once you've earned the ship on a single character.)

Please note that the Risian Corvette and Risian Luxury Cruiser will not be available this year unless you have already slotted projects to earn them in your Event Reputation. Partially finished projects from last year can be completed with Risian Lohlunat Pearls (before June 4) or Lohlunat Incorporated Prize Vouchers (2015) after the event begins. Progress in these projects will not be lost until the end of the event.

So this is big news for people (like me) who were to lazy and/or prepped for this years event...basically we can finish up or projects and get the Risian Ships as long as we do it before July 16th. 

But this makes one wonder; if I spend time finishing up my Risian Corvette, will that not take away from my chances of getting the Nandi Warship?? Big questions...hopefully there will be enough time/events for me to earn the appropriate amount of Lohlunats for both ships. 

RSE Proconsul

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Jolan'tru Romulans!
Just a quick SITREP on what fleet events we have
going on this weekend. 

First up is another installment of our Live RP Chat
Session that takes place right here on the RSE 

Simply logon at 8:30PM EST, Friday (22 May 2015) and join in on the fun! 

Also the Klingon Spec Ops forces will be continuing their support operations in support of our KDF fleet.  

Event includes:
-Emancipation (Daily)
-Out in the Cold
-2 PVE Missions
-Klingon starbase party (bring blood wine!)

Klingon Spec Ops Team 1 - Saturday (23 May 2015) 6:00PM EST

Keep up the great work!
Fleet XO
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