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Leave of Absence

RihanhaDheno A posted 4 hours ago

Jolan'tru Everyone!

I will keep this post short and sweet for everyone. As some of you may know I will be going off line for a few months beginning this weekend. I will be moving from location to location the next few months as I start a new job and relocate a few times for different schools I must attend. In my absence Fleet Commander Livintius will be stepping up to make sure the community continues to function and things get done.

I will be making a point to get online this week as much as possible and get a chance to see everyone before I take off. If you should need anything or have any questions I will be available until August 2.

Livintius A It just seems like yesterday you were telling us all about how you were going to leave us for bit but it was months away ...
Mugato Ok. Then I will not fire you. THIS TIME!. Come on TS from time to time to say "Yo be-outchs what's up"

Romulus S2 - Provocation

Livintius A posted Sun at 23:49
Since Mugato has threatened to fire me if I don't move down the Total Recall Movie poster, I have decided to make a quick mashup representing Commander Nibo's newest installment to the Foundry Series 'Romulus'. The new episode is entitled 'Provocation' and can be located under the Foundry review mission section. 

I have already played through the mission myself and while it is challenging overall, its not impossible to do on your own. Please take the time to run through it and post your feedback in the forums here.

Livintius A Gald you guys like it! I thought it came out pretty good myself. @Mugato Haha....well hopeuflly I don't go that long wi ...
RihanhaDheno A Good Poster you got there! I like it a lot
Mugato Since Mugato has threatened to fire me if I don't move down the Total Recall Movie poster. About time. It was looking a ...

IRF Movie Night - 3!

Livintius A posted Jun 5, 14

Mugato Something new please..I'm bored of this poster. ...
Tiezine What time is the movie now?
                                                                                                                      (Click image above)
Livintius A Yea I'm trying to sort it out the clickable links now...I should have a good working idea before next months issue.
Nibo It's great.
Eclipse Anyway of getting the links in the paper to be clickable? would be nifty if we can manage that
Check out the New Trailer for the IRF's Foundry Series 'Romulus'.

Also, check out our youtube channel (or links in the forums) for Episode 3 and the Season 1 finale!

Eclipse everything is better with shield arcs off....
Livintius A Thanks guys! I'm glad you all enjoyed the trailer....@Monsh yea the ST fonts won't work in the video editor (I tried for ...
bltrrn The footage is interesting, but there is a better way. ...
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