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With Season 2 preproduction coming to a close, the creative team is starting to generate missions, maps, ships and characters to fill our Foundry missions with content. 

Romulus Season 2 will be including our (RSE fleet members) actual STO characters, and with that in mind I would like to extend an open 'casting call' to anyone who wants their character to be used in some form or fashion during season 2. 

If you would like to participate in the missions, check out the flyer below for what you need to provide and we will take that information and add you into our ever expanding universe!
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Community Wide Update

RihanhaDheno A posted Apr 6, 14
Jolan'tru Commanders, Centurions, and Farein,

I would like to take this time to write everyone and update all the members of the fleet on recent events and cover any updates in regards to our community.

First of all to introduce myself to the new members and to those who I don't get the opportunity to game with on a regular basis. My name is Rihanha Dheno and I am currently the Fleet Senior Commander of this fine community. My primary role is to oversee the community and all aspects of it as well as make sure things are progressing. I am also responsible for making sure that all our services such as website and teamspeak remain functional for members to use. Anyone is welcome to shoot me a message with any ideas or concerns they might have in regards to the Romulan Star Empire Community.

With that said allow me to begin updating you on current events and projects.

Star Trek Online:

KDF Aligned Romulan Fleet is progressing quite quickly the past few weeks. Current character count is 55 active characters playing on the KDF side. Starbase is currently tier 2 working on tier 3. Both dilithium mine and embassy are sitting at tier 1. Spire is about to be tier 1. The current focus on the KDF side is shifting supplies and resources to both the starbase and embassy while the mine and spire sit on the back burner temporarily. Like the FED side I have noticed that dilithium is coming in short demand, if you have it and can spare it please fill in the projects as we are moving quite nicely on fleet marks and other supplies needed.

FED Aligned Romulan Fleet is also progressing quite nicely with the exception of dilithium which seems to be holding up a few projects. Current character count is 114 active characters playing on the FED side. Starbase is currently tier 4, mine is tier 2, embassy is tier 2, and spire is currently tier 0. Our primary focus to finish the last embassy project for tier 3 status and then to shift our resources to the mine as we are nearing tier 3 on the mine. Once the final embassy project is complete there will not be any holdings qued up for the embassy, this also stands true for the starbase which you may have noticed the past few weeks.

Commander Katmai will continue to update players on where to shift there supplies to fill projects so keep an eye out the message of the day along with the holding messages.

Tal Shiar:

Some may have noticed after the website updates that the Tal Shiar stuff has been removed. Your eyes to not deceive you. We have dissolved the Tal Shiar due to lack of interest from the community. Members of the Tal Shiar have been given new posts on the Command Staff. Duties and responsibilities will be divided up amongst the leaders of the community based on there current positions.


With the recent appointment of Direction our new academy commander we are beefing up efforts to attract more members to the community and to the fleet in STO. If you have friends or anyone who you think may be interested please feel free to invite them into our community. This benefits everyone as that brings in more people to game and socialize with. If you get a moment to bump our recruitment thread over on the Star Trek Online forums please do. In addition if you want a fleet signature there is a forum thread for that in our forums.


We are working to schedule events and such with in STO. This past weekend there were events that took place but due to lack of people showing up most were cancelled or postponed. If you are not sure you can make it make sure you hit "maybe" so we can plan and organize better. We all signed up to apart of a community and game together all while having fun. If you are here to solo and not participate then perhaps this is no longer the group for you.

Available Positions:

If someone is interested in stepping up we have a command position available. Recently Tracolix has retired from the Operations Commander for the KDF branch due to real life commitments. I am looking to fill this spot as quickly as possible. If you think you have the time and are willing to commit please feel free to send me a private message and we can proceed from there.

Imperial Tribune:

Our first issue of the Imperial Tribune is and out and what a success it was. We got great feedback from everyone and already Fleet Commander Livintius is working on getting the next issue out. If anyone would like to contribute an article or has suggestions or comments please send a message to Livintius. The next issue should be out later this month of by the beginning of May.

TeamSpeak 3:

We recently switched to our website provider Enjin as you may have noticed or seen the update this past week. We now get a free teamspeak server with our website as part of our membership, in addition it is a 25 person server. In addition you can sync your website account with teamspeak for seamless integration. If you have the old server bookmarked please update it to Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

Romulus - RSE Foundry Series:

Commander Nibo has taken his time to learn the foundry system and to work with a few other members in the community to work on a series of foundry missions. This series will highlight what the Imperial Romulan Fleet is doing in the aftermath of the chaos that has plagued the Romulan Star Empire. This series will give insight and show you what we have been doing from our point of view. Those wishing to catch up on the latest information can check the forums.


We have recently setup a paypal account for those wishing to donate directly to the Empire. This account has been setup and is accessible by those in command that way no one person has complete control over the funds. If you wish to donate to the old way with Enjin you may also do so. Donating is completely optional and members who donate will not be given any special status or privileges.

Future Projects:

We have a few projects planned as we move closer to summer. The contact us page on the website will be redone. We are also looking at reinstating community meetings in either April or May. For those that have been with us a while you might have remembered we did this last year after the Legacy of Romulus update in STO and it was great to have people from the community come out. The next issue of the Imperial Tribune will be coming and is already in production. The Romulus foundry series is being tweaked and worked on, members that wish to play season 1 can now do so. Season 2 is currently in production so stay tuned for more information. We are also considering reinstating our Romulan Elite Guard for those interested in regular scheduled STF, PvE, and PvP events. We are also attempting to plan a night of gaming with our allies.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this community update. This summarizes everything that is going on around the community and will provide an update for those who don't check the forums that often. As usual if you have any ideas, concerns, issues, or want to provide feedback my office door is always open, simply shoot me a private message anytime.


- Rihanha Dheno

TeamSpeak 3
- Server will be live on 5 April 2014
- Old Server will be taken down; no end-user downtime
- New access link
- 10 additional chat slots; up to 25 people can access at once
- RSE login integration; you can access TS3 using just your site credentials
- RSE site notification center for all TS3 alerts

- Fast and secure money transfers; used to help keep RSE alive
- Donations section still live and can be used to keep the site online as well

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Jolan'tru Romulans!

The scheduled site maintenance has been completed. Many things have been changed/moved so please take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the updates. Here is a quick listing of things that were changed:

- Completey re-did the data under Rhiannsu Information 
- Archived many old threads in the forums
- Re-organized the forum structure to make it more streamlined
- Removed outdate/duplicated information 
- Created new graphics to display fleet information

If you notice anything that seem to be out of place, have any recommendations on how to improve one of the changes or have any questions/issues please feel free to contact either myself or  Rihanha Dheno.

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