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Jolan'tru Romulans!

Well I'm excited to announce that I have completed the final installment for the Fleet Upgrade Package just now! As I'm sure all of you have noticed we have a new background image for the IRF War Department, but I also spent some time re-ogranizing our STO discussion layouts in an effort to eliminate redundancies and unused threads. 

Also for anyone that is interested I have written the fictional background to the FFXIV War Department and it can be found here. Its not 100% official just yet because I would like some feedback before I call it totally complete so please feel free to comment and provide suggestions/critiques. Thanks! :)

So now that the bulk upgrades to the fleet have been completed, I am now shifting my focus on to more specialized projects and they include:
-Creating a new Recruitment video for the IRF and PG
-Re-vaming our STO uniform requirements (hopefully this is fixed in Delta)
-Establishing a set schedule for Fleet Actions under the soon to be re-actives REG (Yay Mugatu!)
-Providing more support/direction for RP story threads 
-Changing the KDF fleet into an OPFOR/PvP group led by a specific Commander (this depends on interest/number of people)

So the first thing I'm going to tackle is providing some new direction/rules for our RP department. It's come to my attention that while we do have several very dedicated RPers, this section does require a little bit of leadership's direction to ensure we don't have any conflicts/issues. 

Please take the time to review these new rules below and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

1) There is no official RP story line for the IRF War Department.

2) All the RP stories that are created exist simultaneously in a 'multi-verse' (except for story lines that being intentionally connected).

3) To avoid confusion, all interactions outside of RP threads, RP chat rooms and specified STO RP Fleet events are by default 'real life' or 'OOC' interactions. RP can be initiated at any time but requires the mutual consent of all participating parties.

4) The characters and alter egos you create inside of an RP session are restricted to in-character actions only. Once the session has concluded, the only rank you will be recognized with is your current STO/FFXIV/Forum rank.

5) You cannot take over an RP session by granting yourself 'god' rights (i.e. promoting yourself to fleet admiral while everyone else is RPing as captains) and anyone attempting to do so will be removed from the RP session after a single warning. The only exception to this rule is having your character nominated by the RP participants into a having higher position/rank. /

More updates on the specialized projects to follow, please keep up the great work!

-Livintius, Fleet XO
Eclipse WALL OF TEXT!!! J/K
JT Romulans!

The newest part of the our 'Fleet Upgrade Package' has been uploaded to the site. 

I have modified our Contact us/Information and Application Form pages (links on the left) to include new information and removed anything outdated. The application form is now more streamlined and I deleted a few questions that either didn't need to be there or were no longer relevant. 

The next installment of the upgrade package will be the last; so it will essentially be used to clean up any site glitches, delete old or unused information, change the background image of the IRF War Department and post a hand written background story for the FFXIV War Department. 

If there is anything else you would like to see on this site, please don't hesitate to send me a message or reply to his new update below. 

Please keep up all the great work and I hope to see you all this Saturday (won't be around for Friday :( ) in STO for some Live RP and STFs play-throughs!

-Livintius, Fleet XO
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JT Romulans!

Like I mentioned before, the next part of the 'Fleet Upgrade Package' was going to include a whole new set of website pages to support the FFXIV War Department. 

In an effort to make it easier for people to navigate between the two, I have created a splash page to load whenever you go to and then you simply click on the image that represents the individual War Departments. 

The FFXIV posts currently in the STO forum will be migrated over (manually) to the new forum in the coming days. Please post all new FFXIV related information under the new FFXIV Forum located here

Our next installment of the 'Fleet Upgrade Package' will be a total re-design of the Imperial High command, Recruitment Form, and Contact Information Page.

Please stay tuned for more updates and if you have any comments/ideas/concerns please let me know. Thanks!

Keep up the great work!
-Livintius, Fleet XO
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Nibo Interesting. Are you going to have a separate site for SWTOR as well eventually?
JT Romulans!

Well after a much heated debate, it would seem that you (the community at large) have decided to keep the 'Romulan Star Empire' name. I want to thank everyone who participated in our forum discussion and who bothered to vote in our poll. 

Now that we have officially re-affirmed our commitment to the RSE name/identity I will begin slowly introducing new aspects of the 'Fleet upgrade package' to the website. This upgrade package is our way of brining new life into this old ship and making this all a more enjoyable/user friendly fleet for everyone. 

The first part of this 'upgrade package' was the new RSE Event Calendar, which you all have been seeing for the last few days. 

Today, I have added in 3 fleet chatrooms. 

Here are their names and brief descriptions:

The Drowning Wench - FFXIV ARR general chat room
Quarks Bar - STO and SWTOR general chat room
Chalmuns Cantina - RP in-character discussions (cross-platform)

Please keep the chats clean and on-topic! :)

The next part of the 'Fleets upgrade package' will be whole new set of site pages for 'Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn' and all new RSE Splash page!

Keep up the great work!
-Livintius , Fleet XO 
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JT Romulans!

Just a quick update; I have recently added a new Fleet Event Calendar (located to the left) that is now going to be used by all Department Commanders/Officers to plan out different Fleet actions. If you click on the specific event it will take to a more in-depth look at the calendar itself. 

As you can already see I have added a STO Fleet Action for this coming Friday/Saturday. There are no specific times for a formation, just show up if can and when you can and as of right now the plan is to play some Foundry missions and possibly put some work towards various fleet projects. 

Please come out if you can; I know we as a group are in a tough transition phase right now but thats no reason why we still can'tl get together in game and have some fun!

Hope to see you guys there!

Keep up the great work!
-Livintius , Fleet XO 
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